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8 Reasons Why Parents should be Involved at School

Why Parent Involvement is Key

By Joan Young

There is a great deal of research and media attention given to the question:

What makes a student successful?

Parent involvement is cited often as a key ingredient to a thriving school community.

5 key skills for academic success has an excellent article that parents should read:

It's never too early or too late to help your child develop the skills for academic success. Learn how to build these skills and stay on track all year long.

Read it here...

L.A. County Golden Bell Award 2019

Congratulations Nixon Academy for winning the 2019 L.A. County Golden Bell Award!

The Importance of Teaching Typing Skills

Touch typing with a keyboard is a very important skill to instill to our future scholars. With technology becoming more relevant in the classroom and beyond, every child could beneift from acquiring this ability. Read further for excellent articles and a list of resources to get you started.


Art Therapy for Children

Art and Children

Here's a link to an article about the benefits of involving our children in arts and crafts. While the piece focuses on the theraupetic treatment for children with ADHD, it really has many great take-aways for all children and their families.

Read it here...

Dads in School – Tips for Getting Involved in Your Child’s Education


It can seem like school involvement is the realm of the mom, which probably springs from the days when it was almost invariably the mom who was home during the day. Things are different now, though, and many moms work. Even moms who don’t work outside the home might like to see their kids’ dad get involved in the kids’ school.


Benefits to Paternal Involvement

The Role of Fathers with Daughters and Sons

How dads boost kids intellectually, developmentally, and socially.

By Kristen Finello

Why Dads Matter

Eat This, Not That! 9 Food Rules for ADHD Families

Healthy Eating for Healthy Kids

A well-rounded diet can improve ADD symptoms — including focus, hyperactivity, and impulsivity — in both children and adults. Here's what you should (and absolutely should not) be eating to help your brain and body.

by Tana Amen, RN, BSN