The Importance of Teaching Typing Skills

Touch typing with a keyboard is a very important skill to instill to our future scholars. With technology becoming more relevant in the classroom and beyond, every child could beneift from acquiring this ability. Read further for excellent articles and a list of resources to get you started.


"Even as technology continues to move forward, schools are discovering the value of looking backwards to older instructional methods that help teach students how to make the most of digital resources."


The Importance of Teaching ‘Traditional’ Typing Skills
By  Chassie Lee

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Business Keyboarding Skills
By The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Typing Resources

There are numerous sites online to teach kids (and their parents) typing techniques that will allow them to develop this very important skill. These are just a few:


Speed Typing Online




Kids' Computer Basics: Keyboarding


Here's another resource list of various articles to adress "...Proper Typing Techniques ." Courtesy of The American Media Library:

Wrist, Hands and Fingers: Proper Typing Techniques