Half day Volunteering


 Hi all watchdogs,I want to sign up for another day at school but lately my shop won't allow it due to the fact that it's my business and only I can run it . Without me being there my dad would go crazy with customers.  Anyhow I know some dads are in the same situations as I am and I have an idea..  what if we can share a day? Like for an example...I would be able to stay at school from morning till around noon time then someone else would take over from noon till school is out.  That way we can still make time for our business or work plans. Just a suggestion.. Thanks, Mike Ung  

I think that's a great idea if at all possible. That will probably help those that have childcare issues with smaller children (like myself) when the sitter is only available after 9am. 

So I was wondering if we are doing the half day volunteering still for some of us dad's who can't be there all day?? 

This issue can be a bit tricky in the sense that, if allowed, many dads will start taking half-days even when they don't needed it. Also it could start a trend where dads could just show up, and leave, at any time of the day. On the other hand we do need to be flexible for dads that want to volunteer but don't have the full day.

So the solution would be to team up with another dad and coordinate a schedule where one dad takes the morning and the other one takes the afternoon. It's not uncommon to see two Watchdogs in one day.

So you may want to sign up for a day where a watchdog is already singed up. Then talk to that watchdog about your situation, and see if he's ok with you leaving at the half-point.

Just an idea.



I have talked to Jason Ung about it and he was ok with sharing the day with me.  Not sure anyone else gonna do a half day. Probably just going to be me and Jason